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Are You Ready for The End of The Year!

We have a lot of new marketing ideas and events that will rock your dealership. was launched in late December 1998. I named the company Moving Iron because that's all I heard at sales meetings back in the day. "What are we going to do today? - Move Iron"

In 2007 we did our very first marketing tour with great success. From Potamkin Auto Group in New York , Bohn Brothers in New Orleans, Van Tuyl Automotive Nationwide, Asbury Group, Sonic, Group One, Gregory Penske: Longo Toyota, Bobby Beck: The Beck Group, Tom Durant: Classic Chevy, Charlie Nixon, John Prindle and Randall Reed. To this day no one has ever sold more cars then we did within any giving four days.

We were never the biggest company, there was and is bigger, but we were the best. We created more events, came up with the most unique ideas then any other company out there.

A lot has changed in the car business over the last couple decades but one thing that hasn't changed, people still want to buy from people. How you get them to your store to buy - now that's a different challenge.

Give me a call and let's talk! You won't be disappointed.

Tom Stokes, CEO

Moving Iron

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