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About Tommy "The Closer"  Stokes 

Movingiron LLC was never the biggest auto promo company, but I always felt we were the best and was always the first mover in the marketplace with new and exciting products.  


Now, fast forward to today. We are brought back some of that magic that worked back in the day, mixing old-school philosophy with new-age technology.- Tommy Ray Stokes, CEO- Movingiron LLC 


Car Business Accomplishments

Tommy Ray Stokes is a 24-year car guy who started in used car sales on the floor at Acadiana Dodge in Lafayette, LA. By 1998 he was a finance director of one of the largest Toyota stores in the Gulf States (Coleman Toyota Baton Rouge). Tom has worked as a Used Car Director, New Car Director, GSM, and GM. 


They founded Movingiron LLC in late 1998 and have broken sales event records at several dealerships over the past decade, including Trophy Nissan's One Million Dollar 4-day sale in Dallas, Texas ( VIDEO ).  Including the 175 units sold in 4 days at Prestige Ford in Dallas, TX.

Road Warrior for seven consecutive years, is running his team with movingiron. Fun Fact The movie The Goods was based on Tom's life on the road selling used cars. IMDB credit


Partnered several dealerships with Make-A-Wish Foundation... 

Was first to Develop Mailer combined with Video, Call Center, and Website ... started with  


Owner of, exclusively for the automotive business 

Creator and developer of 


Charity Work

Pat and Emmitt Smith Charities, Weishar Foundation,  Living for Zachary  25 Days of Giving, Waldo Burton Boys Home, Music For Relief, Make a Wish, Wounded Warriors Project The 56 Foundation, Toys for Tots, and Skylar Neil Foundation.


Click here  to see Tommy's TV, Film, and Music Resume. 

Tommy has worked with and created events for Potamkin Auto Group in New York, Roundtree Automotive, Bohn Brothers in New Orleans, Van Tuyl Automotive Nationwide, Asbury Group, Sonic, Group One, Gregory Penske: Longo Toyota, Bobby Beck: The Beck Group, Tom Durant: Classic Chevy, Charlie Nixon, John Prindle, Randall Reed, and many others. 


His favorite position at a dealership is closing ...


"I love being on the floor at a car dealership and taking a customer from No, No, No, not buying today - to Thanks for helping us BUY TODAY! I'm a Closer!" - Tommy Ray Stokes


With a CORE Team of 20 strategists, analysts, managers, executives, administrators, and specialists working together to help bring auto dealers OVER-THE-TOP sales and service for more than 15 years;

Bringing over 100 combined years of experience in the fields of data compiling, mail promos, printing, PR, dealer marketing, advertising, social media, TV/Movie production, and Web 2.0;

Has worked on over 1,500 automotive campaigns across more than 42 States and Three Countries;


Started Moving Iron ( in 1998. Moving Iron holds the record at Trophy Nissan for one million in gross profit in four short days and Prestige Ford for 175 units sold in 5 days for a total gross of over half a million dollars.


He has personally sold customers a vehicle and has worked every position in a dealership at one time or another, including detail.

Helped open up Texas markets for Hibernia National Bank (CAPONE)

Has helped build, contribute to and maintain over 300 automotive websites, blogs, and forums;


Founded the first-ever automatic vehicle inventory posting system, Inventory Blaster 


Trained several of the TOP car dealers in the country


They designed and built the first ever ARTIFICIAL RESPONSE TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM known as V.I.C. ( Virtual Intelligent Communicator). V.I.C. automatically follows up on prospective clients.   (VIDEO)  


Speaker at several conventions, including but not limited to NADA events and parties.


Founder of Radar Beacon, an Auto Dealer Traffic Control & Positioning Software that has created several of the industry's most successful new and used car sales campaigns. Using APDS ( Auto Predictor Database System ), Radar Beacon can generate a list of who is in the market to buy a car immediately in 90, 60, or 30 days. 


Founder of, the first time anyone paid someone to promote and suggest a product via Facebook was 100% done by Tommy Ray Stokes in the car business in 2005.


Created and produced 


Created, Wrote, and Produced Playbook for Success, a High Impact Sales and Marketing Training Program used by several TOP dealerships nationwide. The playbook is written with Cowboys Legend Drew Pearson and Roger Staubach. 

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nuVuez™ ​

About NuVuez ™


Reputation Placement Marketing™ 

The automotive industry is pumped up with solid brands competing, all fighting to win customers over their rivals.


We will provide you with new technology mixed with an old-school philosophy that will be your number one lead source in 90 short days. Fasten your seatbelt, and see what we offer in digital and interactive marketing and training.


This Vehicle has been purified for your safety! 

DrivePur’s revolutionary system helps protect your customers against the germs lurking in vehicles. Health conscious customers find it hard to say no to. 

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Simple to apply the proven formula will last six months. We will get your customer back in front of you with ease. 

THE CHOPPER - Market Blazer

The Chopper makes direct response television and LIVE social streaming successful and affordable. 

Using research to target car buyers with an award-winning creative to drive high response, and all of the latest cost-saving techniques to convert responses into revenue. 


The Chopper Event is a four to five-day marketing blitz using TV, Radio, Mail, Email, Sign Walkers. Yard Signs, Flyers, and Social Media Channels. 


Packages start at $9,995.00 

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