Our Higher Purpose... 


Above photo is the mansion I grew up in. I became a ward of the state at age 7 and grew up in the Waldo Burton Boys Home in New Orleans until the age of 15 years old. At 15 I was emancipated and started my journey through life. 


This is probably where I was taught to help others and to have a higher purpose in life. The home is privately run and relies on the alumni like me to take care of the boys.





Events we have supported and/or produced over the last few years to raise awareness and money for charity. 


Purple Heart Riders   with USMC  Tom Stokes and Brittany Spaniel, Producers (Ongoing) 

Hurricane Harvey Relief    Tom Stokes, Producer, Director 

Pat and Emmitt Smith Charities   Tom Stokes, Producer of Red Carpet LIVE (3 years) 

Second Chance with Pat Smith   Tom Stokes, LIVE Feed Producer

Weishar Foundation  - WeishFest 2015   Tom Stokes, Director and Producer 

Living for Zachary  Tom Stokes, Celebrity Volunteer (Ongoing) 

25 Days of Giving with Drew Pearson  Tom Stokes Producer, Co-Founder 

Music For Relief with Vince Neil of Motley Crue  Tom Stokes Producer, Co-Founder 

Make-A-Wish with Vince Neil and Gene Simmons   Tom Stokes. Producer Several Events Nationwide (Ongoing) 

Wounded Warriors Project   Tom Stokes, Producer of several events nationwide (Ongoing) 

The 56 Foundation   Tom Stokes, Volunteer Produced Wilson Football for Event (2008) 

Toys for Tots - USMC  Tom Stokes, Producer of Dallas Cowboys Christmas with Michael Irvin (Ongoing) 

Waldo Burton Boys Home  Tom Stokes Educational Fund (Ongoing) 

Hurricane Katrina Relief (Ongoing) 

First Ever LIVE 10 Hour Wish-A-Thon with Drew Pearson - Tom Stokes, Created and Produced Show and helped Grant Wish for Make-A-Wish 

St. Joseph Catholic School (Ongoing) 

In 2018 we will tackle hunger again and we are working on job placement for ex-felons. If you know a charity that could use our help please let us know. 



Tom Stokes  tom@movingiron.com   or 

Brittany Spaniel brittany@nuVuez.com