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Playbook for Success in the Car Business 

THE CHOPPER - Market Blazer

The Chopper makes direct-response television and LIVE social streaming successful and affordable. 

Using research to target car buyers with an award-winning creative to drive high response and all of the latest cost-saving techniques to convert responses into revenue. 


The Chopper Event is a four to five-day marketing blitz using TV, Radio, Mail, Email, and Sign Walkers. Yard Signs, Flyers, and Social Media Channels. 


Packages start at $9,995.00 


Playbook for Success "The Ultimate Workshop to Self Leadership"  is a new and exciting program for sales, management, recruitment, training, and motivating your staff. We're mixing Old-school Philosophy with New Age Technology.


You coupled with standards from the pros of the NFL, featuring The Original 88 Drew Pearson as a primary speaker to kick off your new gameplan.


This program is scripted, tested, proven, and customized to your dealership needs in cooperation with your team, where new team standards are applied, incorporating your current advertising and our new innovative techniques.


We will stretch your team beyond what they think they can do.

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Be willing to do what no one else is willing to do... 

nuVuez™ ​

About NuVuez ™


Reputation Placement Marketing™ 

The automotive industry is pumped up with competition from strong brands all fighting to win customers over their rivals.


We will provide you with new technology and an old-school philosophy that will be your number-one lead source in 90 short days. Fasten your seatbelt, and see what we offer in digital and interactive marketing and training.

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