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19.5 Cent Mailers That Work! 

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In case of an End of The Month emergency click the GO button to get pricing on our 24-hour turnaround mailer or fill out form below...  


Brand New Mailer Rocks Dealerships Nationwide

Remember when mail worked? I do and I'm very excited about this new mailer we are producing that just rocks dealers nationwide... 

Check out the pull tab mailer the results are amazing. Dealers are receiving 400 - 500 plus ups over five days selling 40 - 50% of their used cars fast!


Click link below to see a VIDEO and get pricing... 

THE CHOPPER - Market Blazer

The Chopper makes direct-response television and LIVE social streaming successful and affordable. 

Using research to target car buyers with an award-winning creative to drive high response and all of the latest cost-saving techniques to convert responses into revenue. 


The Chopper Event is a four to five-day marketing blitz using TV, Radio, Mail, Email, and Sign Walkers. Yard Signs, Flyers, and Social Media Channels. 


Packages start at $9,995.00 

nuVuez™ ​

About NuVuez ™


Reputation Placement Marketing™ 

The automotive industry is pumped up with competition from strong brands all fighting to win customers over their rivals.


We will provide you with new technology and an old-school philosophy that will be your number-one lead source in 90 short days. Fasten your seatbelt, and see what we offer in digital and interactive marketing and training.

* Includes design and prepress proof. This is an 11x17 Trifold mailed as a flat at 0.19.5 cents per piece + DDU delivery fees. Includes neighborhood/saturation lists. Contact Tommy Ray Stokes for details at or 214-482-9135 

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