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Watch Tommy "The Closer" Stokes at Five Star Chevy in Dallas on his knees closing a car deal 2/7/2019 VIDEO   

  • When's the last time a salesperson was in service at 7 AM  working the lane? 

  • How many deals have a referral sheet inside signed off by a manager?


  • Did your sales force put out flyers to businesses today? is a premier recruiting company serving the retail automobile industry. Quality dealers retain to prepare entry-level individuals for a rewarding career and secure vets looking for a change. 

You're wasting your time and the dealership's money if you don't train the people you hire. Many companies will come in and hire 10 - 15 people and leave them for you to prepare. This is an old-school way of hiring new people.


We take a different approach... We hire 4 - 8 and get them coached up from the start using our Playbook for Success. We give them six months of training in 30 short days. We walk them through the process one on one. Four out of five salespeople are still with the dealer after a year. 


1. Rookies

One day to one year in biz

Training Classes Include 


You Are A Team *

Meet & Greet






Walk Around

Filling out a credit app

Asking for help

It's Your Business

Fast Start to $10,000 in 30 days

The Phone is Your Friend

Role-Play Scenarios

How To Have Fun Selling Cars 

Bonus: Building Your Business* 


2. Pros

One year to five years in the biz


Training Classes Include 


Team Coaching *

For Closer's Only

Bustin Bugs

Over The Curb

Trade Values

Back to Basics

Applying Team Standards


Role-Play Scenarios

Have Fun


3. Management Advanced Seasoned Pro



Life is Like A Race Track **

Training Classes Include 


Coaching Up

Leadership Standards

Building A Winning Team*

Team Standards




Have Fun


Created By Tommy Stokes Primary Speaker


* Delivered By Cowboys Greats ... Hall of Famer Randy White, Everson Walls, or Drew Pearson.

** Delivered By Red and Black

Each class is 30/45 Minutes unless otherwise noted. There is a one on one process after each category with the salesperson/manage.

6/29/2016 VIDEO: NFL Legend Drew Pearson wraps up a four-week Playbook hiring and training program at Planet Ford, Spring, TX, as he launches the Power Playbook for Success with Tom Stokes and Dino Peluso.


Playbook for Success "The Ultimate Workshop to Self Leadership"  is a new and exciting program for sales, management, recruitment, training, and motivating your staff. We're mixing Old-school Philosophy with New Age Technology.


You coupled with standards from the pros of the NFL featuring The Original 88 Drew Pearson as a primary speaker to kick off your new gameplan.


This program is scripted, tested, proven, and customized to your dealership needs in cooperation with your team, where new team standards are applied, incorporating your current advertising and our new innovative techniques.


We will stretch your team beyond what they think they can do.

Sign up for Playbook for Success, Ultimate Workshop for Self Leadership Today!


For a little Extra, NFL Legend Drew Pearson

Drew Pearson is LIVE at your business. Drew will wrap up the training event with a motivational talk that ties everything we teach together. Persistence. Perseverance. Survival. Drew Pearson has achieved greatness on and off the football field. As one of the NFL's most excellent wide receivers, “Mr. Clutch,” he is best known for one of the most famous plays in NFL history, the "Hail Mary" reception. He was also featured on the cover of INC. 500 for leading one of the Top businesses of the year in 1996.


You’ll enjoy the playbook series even if you’re not a Cowboys fan. Please allow two – three-week notice for Drew Pearson's Appearance.


Led by Car Pros, "Getting to work with and know Drew Pearson and Roger Staubach made me realize a lot was missing in sales training. I took the best the Dallas Cowboys had to offer from the 70s to the 90s and mixed it with old-school selling philosophy with new-age technology for what you will experience to be the greatest sales and management training on the planet. It’s a design for success that works!" – Tom Stokes, Professional Sales and Founder of Playbook for Success.


*Bonus: Building Your Business


We will help salespeople build a business within your business;


If you choose all classes, this will take 5 - 6 weeks. We do not teach on Saturdays as we are on the floor helping structure and close deals with all salespeople. 

Work for Referrals

Fly with Flyers

Phone Up Skills

WALKAROUND Role-Play Scenarios

Using Social Media Successfully

Extreme Prospecting

The Vehicle Exchange Program

Craigslist VS 5Miles

Better CSI

Appointment Setting Pro/Advance

New Car Delivery

Previous Customers

Service into sales

Art of the Bump

Cell Phone Etiquette

Follow up


Working Internet Leads

After Market Sales

Overcome objections


Each class is 30/45 Minutes unless otherwise noted. A daily one-on-one process after each class with a salesperson on/manager is vital. 



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