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1. Social Blaster: Utilizing sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Others to generate high-quality leads not quantity. 

2. Compelling Messages: We have unique techniques for crafting compelling messages to BLAST your videos over social media using A.I. 

3. Lead Response Strategies: We respond to the leads and send the appointment to you. They are ready to buy NOW! 

4. Training : Educate your staff on creating and editing thier own videos efficiently. Utilize these videos across various social media platforms to generate quality leads.

5. Multilingual Outreach: Incorporate the dealership into our websites like and produce Spanish-language videos to cater to the Hispanic market.

6. On-Site Training: Tom Stokes will provide six days of on-site training, assisting in securing appointments and closing deals during the SOCIAL BLAST EVENT!! 

7. Ongoing Support: Follow up with staff weekly for 90 days to ensure continued implementation and success.

8. Integration with Playbook for Success Network: Integrate this product with our Playbook Network for enhanced effectiveness. 

This comprehensive plan aims to maximize sales potential by leveraging social media effectively and providing ongoing support and training to the sales staff. 

We leverage meticulous research to pinpoint potential car buyers, employing our award-winning creative strategies to elicit a robust response. Our cutting-edge production packages, shot in high definition, are meticulously crafted to captivate audiences, driving traffic to your dealership and igniting sales. 

Our signature Chopper LIVE infomercial Event is a dynamic four to five-day marketing extravaganza, combining TV, radio, mail, email, and sign walkers. Through yard signs, flyers, and targeted social media campaigns, we ensure maximum visibility and engagement. 

Contact Tom or Mayra for more information TODAY!! 


We made direct response television and LIVE social streaming successful and affordable. 

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Produced in Spanish featuring Movie Star Mayra Leal 

Mayra Leal for Planet Ford 45  - Produced for TV and used with Social Media Blaster. 

Two hour LIVE facebook video from Freedom Chevy's Infomercial using the "Chopper" Theme 3-17-19  - 27 units sold in one day. 

One and half hours LIVE facebook, YouTUBE and X broadcast from Anderson Ford Infomercial 3-29-18  - 12 units sold in one day. 

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