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UPDATED 6/4//22 

This Event Produces 300 - 350 UPS, Selling 40 - 55% of Your Inventory in 4 Days! *

We have developed one of the fastest and most effective ways to sell cars. We can produce this event with your staff only or add a few of our highly trained salespeople to supplement. Below is a video from Tommy Ray Stokes explaining a little more about our process and introducing new mailers for 2022. 

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Do mailers still work?


Many auto dealers have abandoned their direct mail strategies centered around events. They rely too much on digital marketing; getting noticed in the noisy, spammy digital world is challenging. Think about how many emails you get... check your junk email next time you're logged in. You must combine the two, lean more on the mailers, add some radio, and set it up with a big tent event focused on 4 - 5 days tops. 
Producing a tent event sends a message that something big is happening at your dealership, and you’re serious about selling some cars. Having a HUGE tent also changes the landscape and makes consumers look to see what's going on. After we decide on the size of your billboard tent, we select a theme...
We encourage you to bring it to and through the whole dealership, to the mailer, to salespeople answering the phones, theme T-Shirts for the staff, and make sure you talk about the “BIG SALE” when people arrive.  Everyone must be on the same page; if you don't, you risk losing customers after getting them there. 
The Public Sales Event (Pre-Auction) Theme is our favorite because we do not give away gifts, and it’s designed for smaller markets with a small sales staff. The only thing you’re giving away here is great deals on new and used vehicles and excellent service. 


The Production List Below is for a BIG Tent Event Dealer must have 200 New and Used frontline-ready vehicles 

  • Oversized Mailers (English and Spanish) (Shipped to your dealership for verification before going to the post office) 

  • Radio Production 

  • TV/Video Production

  • Street Team with Flyers 

  • Appointment Sitters 

  • TXT message marketing

  • CRM data push

  • Live Reporting Dashboard

  • Mail Tracking

  • Zip Code Analysis (Two-Hour Drive Reach)

  • Custom Website Landing Page

  • Voice-Star Tracker

  • Phone-up team training 

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Mail Deliverability Team

  • Business-to-Business Marketing 

  • Facebook Marketing 

  • Video promo for social media

  • Newspaper articles 

  • Use of several of our websites 

  • Post-event marketing

    • Automatic followup for 90 days after the event.​

  • 40 X 100 Pole Tent (We handle permits if needed) 

    • ​Work deals under the tent (No threat to customers) 

  • Electricity and Lights for the Tent 

  • Tables 

  • Chairs 

  • Golf cart 

  • 3’ x 10’ Banners

  • 30” x 60” Prize Posters

  • 2’ x 3’ Posters

  • Sweepstakes rules posters

  • Packages 17” jumbo balloons (500 count)

  • Stacks of registration surveys

  • Stack of hangtags (100 count) 

  • Spin To Win 60 - 84 Inch Prize Wheel 

  • Inflatables dancing guys 

  • Yard signs 

  • Temp fence 

  • DJ with PA System 

  • Daily giveaways are broadcast LIVE on your Facebook. 

  • Cash Machine broadcasted LIVE on your Facebook.  


Did you know we print right here in Texas? We have been using the same printers (Texas Printing LLC)  for 17 years in Garland, TX 


Below are a few Phone Up classes - Tommy teaches your team better phone skills and how to handle the tent event phone-ups. 


Promoting dealers since 1998 

Here are a few of our clients ...

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Clear Lake Nissan

Planet Ford 

Nissan of Chicago

Classic Chevrolet

Freedom Chevy

Potemkin Toyota

Ray Brandt Dodge

Sterling McCall Toyota

5 Star Automotive Grp 

Freedom Group

Van Tuyl


Larry Miller Group


World Class Auto 

RFJ Automotive 

Penske Automotive

Sonic Automotive 

Hendrick Automotive

McCombs Automotive


Tommy Ray Stokes on the bullhorn is FREE... but not necessary!  

Tommy Ray Stokes during Freedom's LIVE Sale-A-Thon Event Dallas, Texas  2018 

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