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New and Exciting Ideas that Really Work!!! 

Below you will find products, events, and training that I have created or discovered that you can invest a small amount of money up front but get BIG results. Enjoy!  - Tommy Ray Stokes, 

nuVuez™ ​

About NuVuez ™


Reputation Placement Marketing™ 

The automotive industry is pumped up with competition from strong brands all fighting to win customers over their rivals.


We will provide you with new technology mixed with an old-school philosophy that will be your number one lead source in 90 short days. Fasten your seatbelt, and see what we offer in terms of digital, and interactive marketing as well as training.


Brand New Mailer Rocks Dealerships Nationwide

Remember when mail worked? I do and I'm very excited about this new mailer we are producing that just rocks dealers nationwide... 

Check out the pull tab mailer the results are amazing. Dealers are receiving 400 - 500 plus ups over five days selling 40 - 50% of their used cars fast!


Click link below to see a VIDEO and get pricing... 


The Chopper makes direct response television and LIVE social streaming successful and affordable. 

Using research to target car buyers with an award-winning creative to drive high response, and all of the latest cost-saving techniques to convert responses into revenue. 


The Chopper LIVE Infomercial Event is a four to five-day marketing blitz using TV, Radio, Mail, Email, Sign Walkers. Yard Signs, Flyers, and Social Media Channels. 


Packages start at $9,995.00 

About TrueInvoice ™

Created by Tommy Ray Stokes 

Our True Team's primary purpose is that YOU, the visitor, find what you need fast, quickly, and in the most straightforward path possible. 


In 2004, we started as a private website for auto dealers that needed to liquidate their vehicle inventory. 

In the summer of 2013, we became a consumer-driven company helping our subscribers find great car deals.

Today we take pride in bringing you the best dealers and deals. We will beat any price out there - and that's a guarantee we back up 100%. 



ProAutoJobs.Com is the premiere recruiting company serving the retail Automobile industry in Texas.


Quality dealers retain ProAutoJobs.Com to prepare entry-level individuals for a rewarding career in the high-paying automobile business. 

There is no career you can choose without an advanced degree and years of training that can rapidly advance your earning power to that of a professional.

Written and Produced by Tommy "The Closer" Stokes

Breaking Through Barriers Pg. 36 

A new and exciting program for sales marketing training and motivating your sales force and management team, mixing old-school philosophy with New Age Technology. 


As seen and used in the TOP Ford, Chevy, Nissan, and Toyota Stores in America.  This program is scripted, tested, proven, and customized to your dealership's needs in cooperation with your team, where new team standards are applied to incorporate your current advertising. 

dog-734689_640-830x450 (1).jpg

They say you can't teach old dogs new tricks, but I'm the exception to this rule. I hope you are as well…  

I’m an old-school car dog  (woof). I saw this coming a few years back and made the necessary... Read more

Lot Decorations 

Add excitement to your lot and eliminate the cost of helium. Blow up the Reusable Balloon just like a beach ball... Add cloud busters... inflatables... Banners and my personal favorite... Lots of Yard Signs. 

Call 214-482-9135 

or email 



Suppose you're looking to hire a writer, producer, director, director of photography, camera ops/cameraman with or without a camera, camera assistants, sound tech with or without equipment, post-production/ editor, or an entire production crew. We have it all under one roof, in-house.

We specialize in Auto Dealer TV Commercials, Auto Dealer Infomercials, Interviews, Movies, and more. We also have a state of the art switchboards for multi-camera feeds.

Just send us your idea, and we will run it for you.

Cheap Mail 

About Movingiron Mailers

Are you looking for a new mail piece that no one has seen before?  We have the goods right here at Movingiron. 


I have spent two decades dialing the best way to get mailers out for car dealers, and I guarantee you will not find anyone who can get it out faster and cheaper than me. Give us a try. You'll be glad you did. 


Call Now  214-482-9135  


Ask about our 24-hour turn-a-round guarantee! 

Dallas Cowboys!!! 

SPORTS PLUS LIVE filming in your showroom. This creates excitement in the gallery and generates car deals FAST.


Let's shoot the Pro Auto Talk segment of SPORTS PLUS  in your showroom with several TOP  NFL stars from the Cowboys, Texans, Bears, and Saints.

If you are interested in having auto segments for several episodes produced LIVE in your showroom to help drive floor traffic, being on FOX Sports during and before each football game, and having great video content, contact us 214-482-9135


In case of an End of Month Emergency click the GO button to get pricing on our 24-hour turnaround mailers. 


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