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New , Exciting and Innovative Ways to Sell Cars, Have Fun and Make Money.  


You want fresh new ideas that really work? Contact us NOW!!! Watch for our new product launch for 2016 in Pro Auto Talk TV & Magazine  from The Ultimate Automotive Advertising Machine - Movingiron.  Follow Movingiron  for updates about NADA 2016 in VEGAS.


Call us TODAY!!! L.A. 310-461-5578 Dallas 214-454-2035 From New and Used Car Mailers to TV production. Moving Iron will live up to its name brand and image once again. Join us as we continue mixing old school philosophy with new age technology. See you in Vegas!!!


Shift into higher expectations.


Founder Tom Stokes



Keep in mind, I am a car guy in the marketing business - not a marketing guy in the car business. Who would you rather have handle your advertising?



Return to glory ... In 2007 we went on tour and produced 10 million in gross revenue within 60 days for several dealers....

Posted by Tom Stokes on Monday, November 9, 2015




Are you ready for 2016? We are and we have a lot of new marketing ideas and events that will rock your dealership.

In 2007 we did our very first marketing tour with great success. From Potamkin Auto Group in New York , Bohn Brothers in New Orleans, Van Tuyl Automotive Nationwide, Asbury Group, Sonic, Group One, Gregory Penske: Longo Toyota, Bobby Beck: The Beck Group, Tom Durant: Classic Chevy, Charlie Nixon, John Prindle and Randall Reed. To this day no one has ever sold more cars then we did within any giving four days.

We're back and ready to do it again. We were never the biggest company, there was and is bigger, but we were the best. We created more events, came up with the most unique ideas then any other company out there.


A lot has changed in the car business over the last decade but one thing that hasn't changed, people still want to buy from people. How you get them to your store to buy - now that's a different challenge.


We did it before and YES we will do it again. Book us for your next event - You won't be disappointed.


Tom Stokes






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